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I’m not sure where I am headed just now; I simply I know I am not turning back.
I drive to clear my mind, to think, to just be for awhile.  Be me, whoever that really is anymore.  I drive and view the scenery, which I process as mostly shades of gray.
Thoughts come to me in vague whispers.  Like gnats, hardly noticeable and yet nagging for my attention.  Why won’t they leave me alone?  I have been swatting them away so long that I’ve forgotten to listen.
So I listen.  And I realize that the whispers are not just buzzes around my head, but words – insights.  I squint my eyes and strain my ears.  Directions.  Forget about yesterday, move forward, they say.  But I’ve been moving forward all along, have I not?
I look around me and realize that I’ve been moving in a giant looping circle, never noticing the repetition of the scenery.
I shift the wheel right and steer straight .  As I take a new path, I see colors arise.  Golden hues tint the landscape ahead, from flowered fields to cloud filled skies, inviting me toward tomorrow.


Do you know where you are headed?