It doesn’t hurt a bit, it’s only in your head.  Then why are my eyes feel swollen and why’s it so hard to breathe?  It doesn’t hurt a bit because I was never supposed to care enough to allow you to cause me pain.

Bite down on this, it’s only in your head.  I gulp down the lump in my throat and reach for something to chase it down, allow me to drown my emotions so I can feel less afraid or maybe even numb once again.

Whisper hello…. Can I speak to you now?  Are we, can we be, is it okay for us to be friends at this point at least?  Maybe not.  Speaking to you only aggravates the agony.  So I’ll keep talking to you, but only in my head.  That’s where I always felt you strongest.  Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you were only in my head?  Yes, it would be.  And when I hear you there, it’s not supposed to hurt.  Nonetheless, I continue to feel the ache.


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How badly does it hurt?