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Ivan Ink ‘N’ Isa – ‘Standing on a Hill’ from lewiskylewhite on Vimeo.

Save this town for a rainy day, for rainy days is all it gives me.  I’m longing for sunshine and sand and the smell of lotion mingled with saltwater.  The sound of seagulls overhead, the rhythm of crashing waves below.  What do we have here?  The two of us together.  Is that enough?  Is it as much as it seemed it would be in the beginning?

Two long days he waits in the rain.  He’s drenched his bones and his clothes are stained.  Two days turns into four years.  Even the rain cannot wash away the greyness of my heart which I’ve poured over my life partner time and again.  Looming shadows, hurricane winds, atmospheric heaviness.  I spray him with complaints of why he’s brought me here.  He tells me I had a choice all along and I laugh, a mocking laugh, as if that’s his side of the story.  But really I don’t want to admit that he’s right.  Where else would I be, but by his side?

Still, I fear the stifling air.  I cannot breathe well here.  Like a fish out of water, they say.  But I wonder if I need gills to live in the humidity of these sauna summers.  I never was a fish.  More like a bird, soaring through the air, reaching toward the heights near sun.  I liked to perch on the hills and see the fantastic views.  Here it’s flat, so terribly flat and stagnant.  I fear that even the glowing rays of his contentment are not enough to pierce through the clouds of my dissatisfaction.


“Standing on a Hill” can be found on Ivan Ink ‘n’ Isa’s EP, released Feb 2011.

What are you saving for a rainy day?