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Much like a sprinter’s workout, Race You There alternates explosive energy with warm recovery tones in their April 2nd release, ‘Catalyst.’  These Arizona natives have been part of the Tucson music scene for nearly three years, releasing their debut album, ‘Acts of Treason’ in 2010.

Jacob Acosta presents dreamy melodies which flourish into falsetto choruses in the opening, “Low Armaments.”  Hear the pop rock goodness of Matchbox Twenty, Lifehouse, Snow Patrol and a hint of Boston in this track as well as those that follow.

“Casualties” softens the mood with a duet that is actually believable.  Unlike the notorious cheese-ball couplings of the 80s, this mellow tune skips the drama and simply speaks from the heart.  When this duo sings, “You made me feel alive…so if there is a chance, tell me now,” you feel it’s genuine.

Next is a song addressed to the English physicist and psychologist who pioneered modern mathematical techniques of weather forecasting, using similar techniques to suggest causes and preventive measures for war.  With a groovy dance beat, “Dear Lewis Fry” acknowledges this man’s work, but proposes to take things a step further.  Race You There says, “A pacifist, not I, a catalyst,” vowing, “I’ll try to rid this place of selfishness.”  The easy going rhythm tells you this song is not meant to incite a revolution, but a revelation.  Sounding like a bird falling from a tree while attempting its first flight, Acosta says, “Sometimes we learn so much when we fall.”

Supporting that leap of faith, Catalyst ends with “White Flag.” Nonjudgmental, Race You There comments, “Everyone’s awaiting your escape in your fragile state.”  The piano adds sweetness to this tune, well weighted by a steady bass line.   Swelling in hope, Race You There surrenders with, “I’m reaching up.”

Dynamic composition and assuring lyrics make ‘Catalyst’ a pleasant listening experience.

Rating: 4/5


Tour Dates:

Jul 5  Tucson, AZ
Eclipse Bar & Lounge

Jul 8  Tucson, AZ