Explain it to Me by theskydrops

Explain it to me, if you can.  You can make sense of this all, right?  Please say yes.  There’s a hell of a dark side aching in my hand.  It’s the color of love, but not loud enough.  It’s the longing, the aching within that consumes the joy all around me. The dissatisfaction takes over and I am no longer who I know I am.

I am god.  I am god.  I AM the most important force in my universe.  No one can stop me.  I listen to only myself.  But no, that’s not true.  Because in every decision I make, I hear your voice as well, directing me, congratulating me, disputing me.

Explain it to me, if you can.  There’s a storm on the bright side hanging from my head.  It’s the cloud of a lifetime coming down as a landslide.  It’s here to overwhelm me and dispel the darkness spreading like a cancer within.  It’s sweeping over me as my salvation, my way out of this cave, and yet I back away, cringing.  I know I should step out of the shadows, embrace the light.  And yet, I hesitate.  Do I really want to leave the comfort of the darkness?  Will it be better out there in the open?  Can I stand under the blazing sun and tolerate the truth of who I really am?


Find this song on The Sky Drops’ latest EP, ‘Making Mountains.’

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