Safe and sound.  But am I really?  I met someone the other day who sorta scared me and now I very carefully look over my shoulder while walking down the street.  I check just for an instant.  No one is there.  At least, I didn’t see anybody.  No, I didn’t see anyone.  But do I even know what he looks like?
Yeah, I met someone the other day who sorta worried me.  I think he was joking, but I don’t really know.  Later on, the phone rang.  The display listed no name.  But then, who would I be looking for anyway?  I don’t even know his real name.  And like I said, I don’t know what the heck he looks like.
Safe and sound.  It’s okay, it’s okay.  Everything will be alright.  How much harm can there be?  It’s just some random neff I talked to over the internet.  We cracked a few jokes here and there, that’s all.  Passed the time, you know.  I don’t actually believe he’d come hunt me down.  People just say things like that sometimes, right?  All the same, I didn’t give him my name.
Google this, google that, google him, google me.  Nothing on his screen name, and what about mine?  Am I as anonymous as I hope to be?  Hardly.  Can he find out my true self?  If he wanted to, if he really got all fiended about stalking me out, I suppose he could find out quite a bit.  But then, he didn’t seem like the type to go through all that trouble.  He didn’t seem like the type, but then he said I didn’t know what his obsessions are.  Ha.  Nor does he know mine, I guess.  So which of us would win out?  Is this all a game?  Are we playing?  Or do I have to keep walking the streets, skeeved out by every stranger who eyes me for a moment?


Find this song on Stellarscope’s 2009 album, ‘This Is Who We Are.’  Their current EP is ‘Call Me Destroyer.’

When do you most feel safe and sound?