She thought of him whenever she was in darkness, for he was her personal moon.

He knew how she regarded him as the ever-shifting orb in the night sky.  He knew he had consumed her without much intention of doing so.

She had embedded him in her mind.  She could not escape him, but more importantly, she did not want to.

“I will come with the twilight,” he said, “be gone with the dawn.”  She believed him.  She had to, for it was indeed her experience that every time she closed her eyes, every time she lied down to rest, to visit the sanctuary of her mind, he was there, welcome or not.  Waiting for her.  Beckoning her.  At once draining and rejuvenating her spirit.

“When I’m gone, you will not exist,” he stated plainly.  He was very much like God in that way.  Hadn’t he said he was becoming her god?  Or rather, had she not confessed that he had become the voice in her head approving and disapproving her actions?  Reassuring and reproaching her every decision?

“And when I come again, you will be reborn,” he told her, sounding honest as ever.  She suspected he was lying, but she had to believe him.  The possibility was undeniable.  She clung to hope and vowed to wait for his return.  Wait forever if necessary.  Wait and hope.  Hope and wait, to be created anew in him.


“Personal Moon” is the first single from this Macedonian band, inspired by the movie, Twilight.

What brings you light in your hours of darkness?