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Out of South Philly, USA comes groovy psychedelic space rock.  Stellarscope is a three piece band comprised of Tom Lugo (vocal /Guitar / fx/ samples/ programming), Rob DeFlaviis (bass / keys) and Bob Forman (drums / percussion).

Over the past decade since their inception, Stellarscope has consistently played along America’s East Coast & Canada while releasing several full-lengths and EPs, and also participating in various worldwide compilations and tribute albums.

Call Me Destroyer, released May 2011, begins with the dark scene painted by “The Age to Come” and hearing this, it’s difficult not to think of Nine Inch Nails, a groovier pop-infused version.  Indeed, the ending lyrics cry, “Pain, pain go away!  Come again some other day!” – a line that reminds of NIN’s “Down In It.”  Stellarscope describes the gruesome sight of “unforgiving wrath falling from the sky” while the music compels you to think fast and run like hell.

We run straight into the hauntingly seductive sounds of “This Is Something New.”  And yet, as soon as the listener is drawn in, Stellarscope follows with “Is It Me,” saying, “You knew right from the start, that I was gonna’ break your heart/ Can’t you see what you feel isn’t true?”  In complete modern day drama, the music reels you in, then pushes you around in a cat-and-mouse love game.

But wait, hold on just a sec.  There is true love, even amongst those who’d prefer to be known as destroyers.  The heavy drumming in “Killstealliedie” pounds out every aching heartbeat, pumping for that one irreplaceable lover.  A ballad against heavy rock, the lyrics wax sentimental while the drums hold nothing back as you hear, “I would die for you.”  It’s the sweet rose bloom displayed amidst graffitied concrete.  The contrasting elements mingle and compliment one another.

‘Call Me Destroyer’ reaches beyond its nihilistic title.  Haunting as the night, this psychedelic spacerock refuses to allow the darkness to oppress.  Instead the black is merely a background against which to emphasize the beauty of the melodious stars.


Rating: 4/5