I’ve got a little trick, I suggest you learn it quick, before you even start.  Practice every night till you’re sure you’ve got it right – the disappearing heart.  Let no prick in and no blood will ooze out.  You’re fine.  You can fake it.  First the smile, then the laugh, and ultimately even your eyes will lie, inviting the trust and appreciation of all who dare to keep company with you, enjoy your conversation, love every fiber of your being.  They’ll all be fooled.  Heck, you’ll even fool yourself.
Immerse yourself with care leaving just enough room to spare.  You will be the exquisite liar, so masterful in your magic that no one will detect the boundaries of the illusion.  Honesty is overrated after all, and you will use what you need to get what you want.  That way, when everyone you dare to trust give you a shove, you’ll look wonderful.  Is that so wrong?  Is it not simply human?  You’re probably more true to yourself than those millions of hypocrites doing their darnedest to suppress their natural desires.  You heed your passions.
Or do you?  Hm, I wonder.  Isn’t this about the disappearing heart?  You cause your essence to disappear.  You stuff it into the dark netherworld of your magic hat and resurrect it only when it suits you, which isn’t often.  No, not often at all.  In fact, you cannot remember the last time you had a meaningful conversation with someone who wanted to be your partner in life, your companion through thick and thin.  Such intimacy is too intimidating for you.
Don’t worry, you’ll look wonderful beneath your custom costume mask.


Find this song on ALSO’s 2006 debut full-length album, ‘It Was Fine To Be Kind.’  Their current release is ‘Music Belongs in the Background.’

Is it better to have loved and lost or to disappear completely?