Lost in the dark again, out beyond the doors of sleep.  Did you close out reality again, forget to revisit the light?  You will be lifted up, it will take your breath away.  In the darkness you cannot stay.
You’re just a passenger.  You may or may not know where we’re going.  You may or may not care.  But you’re in for the ride whether you like it or not.
So we move, forward.  No going back.  You can gaze at the scenery behind, but it will remain in the ever expanding distance.  You can gawk at the blurring sidelines.  They are closest to the here and now, but they do emphasize the essence of time speeding along.
You may hear the evening sigh of a thousand cricket wings.  The deafening lullaby that prevents you from returning to sleep.  And no matter how dizzy you become, you cannot, no you simply cannot raise your arms and demand the universe to halt!
You’re just a passenger.  You’re not in charge.  You’re not in control.  You can only choose your reaction, and your focus.  Therefore I invite you to look ahead.  The journey is steadier when the goal is directly before you.


Hear “Passenger” from Her Vanished Grace’s latest album, ‘See The Moon.’

Where is your focus?