You are lying in bed and I am sitting on the edge.  Your eyes peer into mine, amused that I am here.  Afterall, I have no reason to be, and yet something about you wraps around me, tethers me, pulls me in so that I feel incapable of escape.
I cast my gaze downward, unable to defend my presence.  I notice your hands very near to my hips and I long for you to touch me, but you don’t.  You simply stare and wait.  I wait and wonder myself where this all might go.
I should go now.  I should leave this instant.  It is no good for me to be here.  Yet I have thought of this very moment when I would be sitting with you, perched somewhere between lying in your arms and fleeing from your enchantment.
Yes, I have thought of this moment countless times already.  So here I am.  And although I know I should allow all this, this folly, to slip through my grasp, I tighten my grip and realize I have moved my fingers over yours. Was it you moving toward me or me drawing you in? Your fingertips touch my lips and I find myself tasting each one before I close my eyes and melt over you.
We kiss.  And in that moment, it is more than the pressure of flesh against flesh.  It is the two of us, exchanging pieces of ourselves.  Pages fly from your mind to mine, downloading bits of you into my brain.  I save the information in a file close to my heart, where you will be embedded forever.
Or at least until I see fit to press delete.


Hear this song on The December Sound’s 2007 release, ‘The Silver Album.’  Get a free download through last.fm.  The December Sound are set to release an EP in the fall and a new album this winter.

Where will you file me away?