I’m waiting all this time for the other side, but the goal in sight always takes flight.  All I touch turns to ash at my fingertips.
Look, look, you’re already here.  See clearly, you’re already there.  I reach for your face and you turn to glass, a mere reflection of someone near me but nowhere to be found.
Grow spherically from point of being.  Increase your presence in my psyche.  Inhabit me, engulf me, surround me.  Pour yourself into my ears, my eyes, my skin.  Come within.  Run through my veins and never leave.
Just realize the glow inside.  I am happy with you hidden within.  You in me, me in you, separate but mingling.  Intertwined until the lines between us blur.  No longer you, no longer me.  No longer two.  One.


Hear “Glow Worm” on Diva’s debut solo album, ‘The Glitter End’ due August 3, 2011.  Free download here.

When will you be waiting on the other side?