It’s so real.  Let me alone, don’t wake me please.  Let me return to my dream.  Pull the covers over my head, allow me to roll over and slumber.  My dreams let me glide in fields of green.  No longer am I heavy.
You’re still float floating away.  But not when the day becomes night and I take flight into my less conscientious subconscious.  Let us be together again.
It’s alright, I’ll be here.  You know where to find me.  Just please don’t wake me.  I close my eyes and hear you greeting me, loving me inviting me in.  Is it such a sin to shut my eyes so I may part your lips with mine once more?  You smile as you hover your face close to mine, no tears streaming over your goodbyes, because there is only hello and come closer where we meet in dreamland.


Hear “Derelict” on Sundress’ self-titled EP, due August 16th. Download here.

Can you abandon the goodbyes without closing your eyes?