Give me only what I need.  It doesn’t take too much to keep me satisfied.  Look at me with soft eyes, and I won’t scowl.  Touch me gently, I won’t claw you back.
Can we built it up?  I know we can.  The world is too chopped up and ripped apart to need more scrutiny from me.  Let’s heal the cracks in the sidewalk, bandage the divisions between us.  Let’s get to work, every woman and man.  Everybody get together, try to love one another — with pressure and time —  try to love one another right now.  Now decides the future.  “But she did this when she should’ve done that.”  Stop! Learn from the past then shut the history book. 
I’m not asking for a throne and crown. 
You’re not perfect, neither am I.  We had good intention though didn’t we?  So our actions weren’t exactly the best.  Move on, move on!  Take me out of this mudslide of never enough.  Let me eat from the fruit right off of the tree.  Let plenty and bounty be mine.  I promise I’ll be satisfied.
When God gets his rest because six days are just too rough, I can only pray He doesn’t forget about me.  Don’t forget about me.  No, don’t forget about me.  Keep in mind that I’m still here — with pressure and time — working toward a remedy.  Remember me, yes remember me when you enter Your Kingdom.
Can we build it up?  I know we can.  Let’s get to work, every woman and man.


“Pressure and Time” is the title track from Rival Sons’ June 20, 2011 debut.  Free song download here.

What does it take to keep you satisfied?