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At this time of new seasons and school years, Wiretree releases easy going pop music so happy, you want to let all bygones be bygones and just embrace the world.  Their third album, ‘Make Up’ comes out today, September 6, 2011 on Cobaltworks.

Prior releases include Bouldin (2007), and Luck (2009) which landed on various year-end best-of lists (Blurt, Absolute Powerpop).  Blurt Magazine described Wiretree’s sound as “Vintage ‘60s pop-sike and Velvet Underground-esque choogle to paisley underground-tinted ‘80s stylings and latterday indie rock with a distinctive anthemic edge.”  That’s a mouthful to elaborate on Blurt’s label of the band as “Best Kept Secret.”
Orinated as a solo project in 2007, Wiretree developed into a full band as songwriter Kevin Peroni recruited his wife Rachel on bass, Joshua Kaplan on lead guitar, and Daniel Blanchard on drums.  Pedal steel guitar player Charlie Murphy rounds out the group on occasional live performances.  Wiretree’s influences include The Shins, ELO, The Kinks, Elliott Smith, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, David Bowie, Sparklehorse and lots of 90’s Britpop/rock.  In fact, the bio demanded a double take to be certain the group is indeed from the US southern city Austin, TX.  After their CD release, Wiretree is heading up to Dallas and Denton, then briefly over to Europe, hitting a few cities in Spain, Paris and of course, the UK.

‘Make Up’ eases in with its title track, the lines reassuring, “No one’s gonna make you fall.”  A frolicky tune follows with promises to make a stand and make you run, despite its title, “Broken Foot.”  The cutsie “Tinyhearts” follows, so endearing that it’s hard not to smile when they sing, “I will not go without a fight.”
‘Make Up’ becomes a little more serious with the deeper guitar tones of “Tonight,” the intensely catchy single “The Shore,” and the aching sincerity of “MTH” declaring, “there’s nowhere I won’t be just to be with you.”

Jangly and melodic, “Reprise” is irresistible for repeated listening.  Wiretree finishes with tribute to their southern roots in the heartbreaker “Josephine,” the one album track that refuses to be happy-go-lucky.  Even in its winsome sentiment though, you somehow feel like with enough time and perspective, all will end alright; ultimately, you’ll still love that dear soul who caused you sorrow, the sun will rise, and you’ll soon be ready to embrace the world again.

Rating: 4.0/5


Hear Wiretree’s ‘Make Up’ on bandcamp.  Free download: “Make Up”

Tour Dates:

Tue, Sep 6
Hole In The Wall, Austin, TX, US
w/ Leatherbag

Fri, Sep 9
Hailey’s, Denton, TX, US
w/ Jordan Martin, Vita Brevis, The Black Racket

Sat, Sep 10
Sofar Sounds House Concert, Dallas, Tx

Fri, Sep 16
Frank, Austin, TX, US
w/ The Lennings

Fri, Sep 30, 9:45 pm
Beauty Bar Austin, TX, US
International Pop Overthrow

Fri, Oct 7
Boneshakers, San Antonio, TX, US

Sat, Nov 12
Sala Industrial Copera, Granada, 51, ES
Loop Festival w/ Josh Rouse, Tunng and more

Thu, Nov 17
Sala El Loco, Valencia, 60, ES

Sat, Nov 19
The Bull and Gate, London, 17, GB