You feel like you’re falling.
Been staring over the edge so long.  Is the ground rising?  Am I just dizzy?  That final step.  That final fatal step forward.  Shut my eyes, shut this out.  Make it all go away.  Don’t remind me.
And you fall apart in front of me again.  Get yourself together.
Will you hold the shards as I glue them piece by piece?
Denial isn’t the way to forgiveness.
If you knew all that I’ve done, all I have failed to do, would you still think I look like you?
You always swore that I was wrong.
And how could you be right when you never really knew the truth?
Not again.  It’s not a matter if I care.
What do I care if you care?  You give me your heart, oozing a bloody mess in my hand.  What am I to do with that?
Toe to toe I stand in front of you again.
Not again. 
Eye to eye with the truth inside us.  Not again.  Can we handle the truth of ourselves?  Not again.  Now and forevermore?
What an intricate web you’re weaving, again and again.
Stay trapped with me, stay.  Or else free me from this sticky snare of mine.


Hear “Not Again” on Staind’s self-titled album, released September 13, 2011.

And what if it does happen again?  What then?