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Derail is a hard rock band that blends Rock, Metal, Blues, and Grunge. The band consists of Easy (vocals/guitar), John Figura(guitar/backing vocals), Chris Bradshaw (bass/backing vocals), and Dave Bland (drums.) With only a five track demo at the moment, they are playing local shows around Kill Devil Hills and Harbinger, North Carolina. 

  1. 1.  The Heart That Bleeds: Awesome riff, great guitar playing, and the lyrics alone scream to me, Band to lookout for in rock.   “You don’t have to be alone cuz I’m right here for you”. Great intro song to the demo.  5/5
  2. Without You: While listening to this song I got a strong Guns N Roses and The Cranberries vibe. The lyrics again were great. The guitar solo was awesome! Favorite song. 5/5
  3. Unburied Past:  I love how I can hear different genres in the music. I can hear Hard Rock mixed with Blues mixed with Grunge. It makes for a really enjoyable listen. So far this is pretty solid rock music. “Without You” is still my favorite song on the album but this was great as well. 5/5
  4. Shake Your Ass:  Not my favorite song on the demo but it’s a favorite among their fans. The guitar playing was awesome, the drums were great, and the vocals too were really amazing. The lyrical content is more geared toward party rock which isn’t my style but I can understand why their fans like this song. It’s a very let loose and just have fun type of song. This would definitely make for a great live song to get the crowd going.  3.5/5
  5. Pushing Me Away:  I love the rhythm to this song.  It has a real Reggae/Funk/Rock sound to it, which I love. This is just as strong as the first three songs on the demo. The guitar solo on this track is amazing.  5/5

All in all solid demo. Great music, lyrics, and vocals. I can’t wait for a studio release! Like I said, track 4 felt just a little bit out of place with the rest, but I can fully understand why it’s there. It’s there for the fans! It’s refreshing to hear a rock band that sounds like they’re just rock fans playing rock music.  To me, that makes them a band to look out for.


Here these songs on Reverbnation.

~ Brittin Waldron, guest contributor