Here we are, bumbling through life. I begin where you end, I the dragon, you the friendI’ve been tryin real hard… To realize not everyone views life the way I do.  But some things take a long long long long time (a long time) ‘cause I can’t replace my eyes. Maybe I’ll never get it right with my jaded dragon mind.

Never saw my dark side In, in your eyes. Now I’m half blind and so are you.  We cut our losses and move on.  Move on.

Saw my scars, yet let me in, called them beautiful vermillion.  Returned me back to me.  Where am I now that you’re gone?  Way back, way back, way back.  Left in your empty arms.


Hear “Aberdeen” on Cage the Elephant’s album, ‘Thank You, Happy Birthday.’

Where did you leave yourself behind?