Feel.  Listen.  Trust.
If I fail to trust my insides, they’ll give out on me.  They’ll leave screaming traitor, with mouths like sailors, and I’ll be left writhing.
Intuit.  Relax.  Focus. 
Oh my instincts will run, but all work to keep it together.  I’ll pull out all my last efforts, singing, giving everything from brain to fingers, from feet to cerebral.  Don’t stay here so limber. 
Moan.  Cry.  Roar.
I carry all the traits of a traitor.  In abandonment, I’m left with no senses.  I have chosen numbness.  I’ll make it harder on myself.
Rest.  Wait.  Breathe.
Just remember to breathe it all in; don’t you forget to let it out.  This crowning is what I’ve waited for.  Throw the messages from central to appendages.  Don’t stay here so limber.
Tremble.  Push.  Feel. 


Hear “Autonomic” on Today the Moon Tomorrow the Sun’s ‘Lightening Exhibit’ EP.  TTMTTS will re-release their debut album, ‘Wildfire’ November 22.

How are you preparing for your crowning moment?