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It’s not often a band name comes with a promise. This month however, we get a release from an Atlanta group called Today the Moon Tomorrow the Sun.

Their spontaneous experimentation has been dubbed “indie-electro-fuzz rock.”
After three EPs this group signed with Greyday records, which is re-releasing ‘Wildfire,’ the full length album that initially debuted in May.
These twelve tracks present intricate lyrics backed by a fuzz dance groove.  Today the Moon Tomorrow the Sun is comprised of Lauren (guitars/ keys/ vocals), Cregg (guitars/ keys/ vocals), Micah (bass/ keys/ vocals) and Jeremy (drums/ electronics).  In 2009, the group quit their full-time careers so they could book, tour, record, and expose their music to as many people as would hear them. Over the past two years they’ve toured an astounding 15-20 dates per month, visiting venues throughout the US Eastern half.

Suitable amid the residuals of Halloween haunting, ‘Wildfire’ opens with a spooky keyboard intro for “We Were Wild,” the song that begs to remind you of your beginnings, the philosophies of which seemingly coincide with Locke’s “state of nature” theories.  Following are the creepy forewarnings of “Old Monster” involved reflections mixed with craze, developing into a truly artful musical piece.
Several tunes involve elements that could easily aggravate – continuous sporadic buzzing (“Single-Hearted”), rusty swing simulation (“Bad Design”), bleeping musical ringtones (“With My Good Eye”) – yet the dance beats keep you moving.  Each song is dynamic enough that these quirky sounds contribute to the overall experience, rather than distract.  Indeed as TTMTTS says, “these parts don’t match but somehow they fit.”
Heavy as the deep winter snow, “Irene the Avalanche” plods in, dark and soulful, at ‘Wildfire’s hinge point.  Counteracting that is the catchy but still heavily rocking “Oh Black Gold.”  This track is tremendous, layered with buzz and drums, cymbals and fuzz.   And it only gets better.  The snappy rhythms of “Right Left Right”, the fuzz blasts in “Life & Limb”, the controlled chaos of “Kairos” supporting the chorus “I’m in my prime.  I’m coming into something now.”  It’s all amazing rhythmic exuberance, much like the album title.

Today the Moon Tomorrow the Sun says, “’Til we do it right, we won’t be going home.” Hopefully they will change their minds and stay much much longer. ‘Wildfire’ is already as right as it gets.

Rating: 5/5


Greyday Records will release Today the Moon Tomorrow the Sun’s album, ‘Wildfire’ November 22, 2011.

Tour Dates:

11.03 • JJ’s Bohemia w/Modern Skirts (Chattanooga, TN)
11.04 • Preservation Pub w/Modern Skirts (Knoxville, TN)
11.05 • The Basement w/Modern Skirts (Nashville, TN)
11.09 • Zanzabar (Louisville, KY)
11.10 • Blind Bob’s (Dayton, OH)
11.11 • Kobo Live w/Alert New London’s CD Release Party (Columbus, OH)
11.12 • Southgate House (Newport, KY)
11.16 • Vinyl (Atlanta, GA)
11.25 • 529 (Rock Science Presents) (Atlanta, GA)
12.02 • The Atlantic (Gainesville, FL)
12.03 • New World Brewery (Tampa, FL)
12.04 • Word of Mouth Cafe (Sarasota, FL)
12.05 • Will’s Pub (FREE SHOW!) (Orlando, FL)
12.06 • Burro Bar w/Sleepy Vikings (Jacksonville, FL)
12.07 • The Jinx (Savannah, GA)
12.09 • The Basement (Atlanta, GA)
12.10 • WPBR Radio Room (Greenville, SC)
02.04 • Art Bar (Columbia, SC)