Waterfalls await.  Round one, round two.  Graces and tears.  Hesitant fears.
Oceans await.  Round three, round four.  Joys and sorrows.  Bruised marrows.
Where’s my oasis from all this?  So much beauty waits for me somewhere.
Waking from dullness.  Introspective connection.  Nearly grasping my soul, now letting go.
I was ‘bout to dance and I was ‘bout to sing.  Overpass is gone.  In the trenches again.
Almost had it, almost mine.  Slump into the shadows, can’t go back.  No acceptance, no retreat.
Outstretch my hand, grasping again. Take the me I’ve found, begin life anew.
Round five.  Journeying on.  I shall dance and I shall sing.  I know what awaits and I call it Gorgeous.
The future’s ours, the moment is right now.  We’ll make it somehow.


Hear “Beauty Awaits” on Stellarscope’s self-titled album, due out November 25.

Can you trust that beauty awaits you?