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We approach the time of year when visions of sugar plums begin dancing through our heads.  Despite unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions, we waltz into the holidays with joyful abandon.  This season, the odiously named Regurgitator releases their 7th album irresistible titled, ‘SuperHappyFuntimesFriends.’

Opening with gleaming-smile optimism, we hear “One Day” celebrate being alive despite the doom of mortality.  As if to emphasize our impending fate, the digitally maniacal “Game Over Dude” serves as a twenty-second punctuation mark.
“Be yourself” is the cheesy pleading intro of “All Fake Everything” which bursts into rap with an in-your-face inquiry, “Do you like my grand façade?” And just as you’re questioning how much you actually do like this album, Regurgitator becomes a charming medieval minstrel, plucking acoustic guitar, and singing about purple dragons and magic rainbows in “Super Happy Funtime.”
This album is certainly a mixture of moods.  Filling in the disparity between the extremes is “Punk Mum” with a nod to The Strangeloves’ 1965 funtime vibes in “I want Candy.”  Pop rock goodness ensues with “Be Still My Noisy Mind”, the music soothing the inner turmoil rather than emulating it.  The madness appears to win out though with the interjection of electronic pulsing in “D.M.T 4 2.”
The album is lyrically flat, yet Regurgitator kicks around dogma in the very nonchalant, punk pop tune, “Now Show,” a completely irreverent hypothetical tale regarding the Messiah’s Second Coming.
After that blatant spewing, there’ not much hope of this album making a comeback.  SUPERHAPPYFUNTIMESFRIENDS sharpens its punk edge in the leave-me-the-f*ck-alone sentiments of “Uncontactable” then softens with “Into the Night” and gets groovy with a pair of filler songs, “Devil Spell” and “Born Dumb.”
Despite this album turning sour in the second half, the ending song is a perfect complement to the opening track.  The deep vocals accompanied by somber strumming emphasize that there’s a time for getting serious once the goofy fun has subsided.  “8pm” laments, “The effects of the drugs you had when you were young are doing you in.  Can’t you see, you committed a slow suicide?”  This acts as a despairing response to the chorus of “One Day” which states, “But now we’re alive.  Are we really alive?”

Indeed, we’re all breathing, but are we thriving?  Regurgitator’s ‘SuperHappyFuntimesFriends’ reminds us that there’s more than mere survival.

Rating: 2/5

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Dec 28
Falls festival
Lorne, VIC

Dec 29
Falls festival
Marion Bay, TAS

Dec 31
Corner Hotel
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