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Off the corner of Hollywood’s Silverlake and Sunset Boulevards you will find Silverlake Lounge, a dark bar & stage with minimal seating.  It’s not the most inviting place, but if you are interested in hearing new music in close quarters, this is the place to be.  Based in San Francisco, The Trophy Fire is among several bands set to take the stage.  This L.A. gig is the final show of this powerpop trio’s northeast/west coast tour.

A couple dozen people have arrived, heard a few songs already, and gotten their drinks; they are ready and eager for what’s next.
The Trophy Fire jolts the audience while singing, “We can shake it up.” And though no one breaks into dance, all eyes are focused on the stage.  Lead singer Ben Flanagan next describes how “fall is falling into place.”
Flanagan mentions that the first couple songs were older and now he’s bringing out new material, from The Trophy Fire’s recent release, ‘Modern Hearts.’  The drums and guitars rev up as Flanagan bellows, “All I want is quiet!”  Though the audience seems to relate to the lyrics, at this moment they disagree.  The people cheer for more music.
The Trophy Fire continues with messages of inspiring optimism.  “I can turn darkness into gold,” Flanagan claims.  In the dim light of this black walled venue, the audience seems to want to believe him.  “We can fight our addictions,” Flanagan assures as people fidget with their cell phones and glance outside, thinking of their next smoke.  Hope is one thing, but some habits are hard to change.

The last song is announced with pounding on cymbals.  The Trophy Fire sings about “one night to speak the truth…one night of magic rush,” asking, “Would it be good enough?”  For their followers, certainly not.  Many more nights of truth and magic are in demand.


Darkness into Gold
Modern Hearts