With the New Year swiftly approaching, it is time for another helping of Dissilience, an event labeled as an Underground Euro/Americano Coterie taking place off of Beverly Boulevard in the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles.  Basically it is an evening of art, poetry, and music.  It’s a night to be exposed to all things creative and to mingle with the artists.  The grand finale performance at this showcase evening is Nostalghia debuting her new EP, ‘Cool for Chaos.’

Ciscandra Nostalghia takes the stage with keyboard, drums, acoustic bass, and cello surrounding her. The artsy audience is especially chatty, despite the lights dimming for this special performance.  “Quiet the room” says Ciscandra once, twice, and ultimately six times before the audience finally settles into rounds of shushing.  She begins on the piano, her face sullen, eyes sad, singing, “Now I know how it feels to be dead.”

This tragic opening is followed by twinkling and Tangoing.  The closeness of the dance causes Nostalghia to distance herself though as she admits, “I think I’m starting to love you…too much.”  Addressing the inner turmoil arising, she continues with a love-lost lamentation in “Green Light.”

The crowd is now captivated and quiet, awaiting what’s next, and Nostalghia introduces newer songs which speak of manipulation and oppression.  Ciscandra is tall and thin, but carries the presence of royalty.  She approaches the crowd and it immediately parts to make room for her.  Ciscandra is the personification of each song she sings, yet she is not content to be only entertainment.  She wants to touch each person watching.  “I love you all,” Ciscandra announces, and continues, “Remember, art without love is just a f*cking doodle!”  Nostalghia ends with her dramatic single, “I am Robot, Hear Me Glitch.”

The crowd cheers and demands more.  “If I’m going to sing another song,” she says before covering Louis Armstrong in an encore, “you had all better be right here on the stage with me.  That’s how I like it.”  With Nostalghia’s popularity rising fast, the stage will soon be too small to fit the whole audience.


You and I
Green Light
Drug Lord
Cool for Chaos
I am Robot, Hear Me Glitch
What a Wonderful World