If I had the time, I’d stop the world and make you mine and everyday would stay the same with you.  For it just wouldn’t be heaven without you.

Give you back the dream, show you now what might have been, for the tears you cried would fade away.  I’d hold you through the heartaches.  We will live to find another day.

Hope I didn’t speak too soon, my eyes have always followed you around the room.  You captivate me.  I’m holding on and waiting for the moment, for my heart to be unbroken by the sea.  Drowning in moanings, face wet and burning, curled up in a ball, pleading for your soul.

If I had a gun, I’d shoot a hole into the sun, love will burn this city down for you.


Hear this on Noel Gallagher’s October release, ‘High Flying Birds.’

If you had a gun, what would you do?