I can’t face you anymore.  I know the look that’s in your eyes.  It’s not the same one that lured me in.  Before you talk, you’ve said it.  I’ve seen that look too many times.  I’ve forgotten your face any other way.  Tears in your replies.  And now you’re gone.  You’ve wished your way out of here and I don’t know whether to stay or follow.

Too many words, too many words. Can words fix this?  So broken, so broken now.  I write a useless letter, meaningless symbols on the page.  Just feeling down, buried by your abandonment.  You’ve wished your way out of here, closed your eyes, clicked your heels, and disappeared.   You’ve wished your way out.  You’ve wished your way out of here.

Hear “Wish Your Way” as the title track on goodbyemotel’s EP, released September 14th.

If you could wish your way there, where would you go?