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Keeping in line with feel good rock artists like Matchbox Twenty is Melbourne’s goodbyemotel with their latest EP, ‘Wish Your Way.’  Hailed by Inpress Magazine as “one of the finest indie rock bands currently plying their trade,” goodbyemotel formed in 2006 with Gustaf Sjodin Enstrom (vocals & guitars), Tom Marks (bass & vocals), Scott Pioro (guitars & vocals), and Mark Leahy (drums & vocals).

The band has gotten placement on the new Australian feature film, ‘Summer Coda’ as well as being featured in national TV and MTV campaigns for “End Child Slavery.”  US attention has come through placement on the show, “Covert Affairs and Suits” and via the TV series “Gossip Girl” which picked up goodbyemotel’s “Last Flight of the Bat.”
‘Wish Your Way,’ following the band’s 2010 self-titled debut, was recorded by legendary producer Julian Medelsohn (Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel, Jimmy Page, Petshop Boys).
Starting off is the catchy new wave feel of “Redroom.” “In my red room I can make all my human mistakes,” say the carefree lyrics.  All of us surely long for such a safe haven.
The mood abruptly shifts to regret and loss in the title track, lamenting a lover’s desertion.  This song is beautiful in the way that it resists indulging in the bore self-pity or the bitterness of blame.  It is melodic and reflective, with hope for change.
A quirky reminiscent tune enters to revive the album’s fun mood.  With the joy of a wagging puppy dog tail, goodbyemotel asks, “Do you remember the way I followed you around?”  The question appears as an effort to make light of current difficulties by recalling fond memories.
Sometimes the larger discrepancies need to be faced however, and that’s where the EP presents its final crescendo.  “Burning Since Sunday” is a heavier yet still catchy piece crying out for authenticity with the line, “Sell-out, show up, tell us who you are.”

‘Wish Your Way’ is a collection of songs about memories and desires, appreciating the positive while addressing what needs fixing.  Goodbyemotel does well to wrap these issues in creative packaging that makes you want to listen.

Rating:  3.5/5


Download Goodbyemotel’s ‘Wish Your Way’ EP for FREE from the band’s website.