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The Road from Keystone Pictures on Vimeo.

The road less traveled is the road that never ends.  And now I’m sad to hear you’re moving on this year.  Been watching you for the past decade and more, doing demo to painful memories, constructing new beginnings.  I like your mid-life skater dude attitude.  Is there anything you can’t do?

If I can make my connection with no detours.  I wanna be in your arms tonight.  I wanna feel the sweet sunshine and your lips, honey, touching mine.  “It’s gonna be a long night!”

Thanks for connecting to people’s needs, healing their hurts, building new lives.  Thanks for being hip awesome incredible you.  Thanks for leadership and teamwork and community.  Thanks for showing us that we too can make a difference.

This is the beginning, a beautiful beginning, this is the beginning of the end of the road. “And now there’s just one thing left to say” – TY PENNINGTON, YOU’RE MY HERO! – “Welcome home, family.  Welcome home.”