In the sun, with you there.  Just trying, attempting not to care.
Does it really matter?  Is there anything we can do? 
Me being me.  You being you.
In the sun, with you there.  Miss the feeling, the feeling I’m not there.
Me living in my corner of the world, you living in yours.
Vows exchanged, resolutions made.
Neither of us drawing toward drama.
We both confirm, we don’t doubt the thrill of life has gone.
Me weary except when you’re around.  Your jaded eyes ever intrigued.
These textual exchanges, streams of language interjecting our thoughts.
I ought to go.  You shouldn’t have stayed.  We continue, on and on.
I call you, but you’re not there.  My heart beating, the feeling of despair.


“Kingmaker” is Dead Leaf Echo’s first single from their upcoming album ‘Thought & Language’