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Macrodots are not content to stay in place.  Their genuine American rock and roll chords propel them forward in their debut album, ‘The Other Side.’  Macrodots are headed by four-time DIY Music Award-winner lead vocalist Cathy Richardson, who is known for her previous success in being cast as Janis Joplin in the Off Broadway hit Love, Janis.

She later toured the US with Big Brother and the Holding Co. and in 2008 became the lead singer for psychedelic rock originators, Jefferson Starship (with founding member Paul Kantner).  Richardson recently joined with San Francisco guitarist/producer Zack Smith to form Macrodots, who originally recorded 20 songs together, 11 of which formed the 2012 debut release.

The energetic title track beckons for a shove in the right direction saying, “Why don’t you take me to the other side?”  The revving tone mellows into the love-awaits-us tale of “Beautiful Girl.”
Macrodots pick up the beat with the catchy “Everything is All I Want.”  Richardson’s vocals here carry the elation of love while remaining unabashedly direct in her requests for “everything and nothing less.”  In this rare mix of emotion, she proves that her maturity is beyond schoolgirl fascination, and enough within reason to avoid the vixen attitude.
Continuing with the hard edge are the Bon Joviesque “Not Too Late,” the Aerosmithian “Piece of Me.”
After such a series of energetic bursts, Macrodots slow to a sway, though not without its grooving squealing moments, expressing the deep beauty of self knowledge with the lines, “To know who you are is my wish for you/ And all of my wishes come true.”

‘The Other Side’ presents a lot of American rock goodness.  Richardson’s throaty and powerful vocals bring to mind such memorable artists as Melissa Etheridge.  From the southern roots rock reverberating through “Every time” to the Joan Jett boldness flowing through “Kiss My Ass” Macrodots have compiled a no-holds-barred rock debut that will not be taken lightly.  Confident to the core, they declare, “This is how we rock and roll!”

Rating: 4.5/5


02/18/2012 Magic City Casino – Miami, FL
02/19/2012 Henegar Center For the Arts – Melbourne, FL
02/25/2012 Bally Doyle – Downers Grove, IL
03/08/2012 Reggie’s Rock Club – Chicago, IL (Headliner, Jefferson Starship)
03/09/2012 Orbit Room – Grand Rapids, MI
03/10/2012 The Palace Theater – Greensburg, PA
03/16/2012 Tupelo Music Hall – Londonderry, NH
03/17/2012 Havana’s – New Hope, PA
03/18/2012 Bearsville Theater – Woodstock, NY
03/22/2012 Oneonta Theatre – Oneonta, NY
03/23/2012 Paramount Theater – Huntington, NY