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Eux Autres – “Home Tonight” from Nicholas Larimer on Vimeo.

Well they tell me there’s a hundred ways to fight.
You and me, right now, come on.
But I only need a few of them tonight
‘cause there’s no way to prove
if what’s killing me’s got the best of you.

“The killer in me is the killer in you, my love.”
And my speculation’s sputtering again.

Plenty reason I should turn the other way.
Look. Don’t look.  Leave! No, stay.
But the reasoning is wearing thin today.
I confess that I hate
nothing quite so much as an empty slate.
And I‘m running out of time to run along.

Aw, here we go again.

I’m not coming home tonight.
I’m not coming home tonight
til I can’t remember what was wrong with me.
Why the hell was I so frickin upset?
Don’t you dare answer that, you fiend.


Eux Autres’ “Home Tonight” may be heard on their Feb 28th release, ‘Sun Is Sunk’ through Bons Mots Records.