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Cheerful garage-pop laced with a hint of wistfulness characterizes the melody driven sound of Eux Autres.  Literally translated as Them Others, the band name sounds so much nicer in Frech, (pronounced OOZ-OH-TRAH).  Their Feb 28th release is titled ‘Sun Is Sunk’.  This EP was recorded by Jason Quever (Papercuts) who also recorded the Eux Autres’ third album, one which entailed a West Coast tour with Wild Flag and a three week tour of Europe.

Originally formed in 2003 by the brother/sister duo, Heather and Nicholas Larimer, the group later added drummer Yoshi Nakamoto (The Aislers Set, Still Flyin’) in to order to expand their sound. 

Eux Autres has such a cute beachy sound at times that it’s easy to miss the cutting lyrics.  “Right Again” for instance, declares, “I’ll be waiting when they break your heart again.”  The relaxed mood of “Broken Record” contrasts with the told struggle to improve.  Musical / lyrical contrast can be a tricky thing to pull off, and in this case it adds intrigue.

The simple almost folkish “Call It Off” precedes the EP’s gem, “Home Tonight.”  The 60’s style jangly cheerfulness of this latter song is intoxicating.  And how fitting, as the lyrics state, “I’m not coming home tonight ‘til I can’t remember what was wrong with me.”  It’s a sweet tune that makes you want to join in the party and raise your glass in a toast to forgotten miseries.  The successive “Down the Street” feels like a late morning lonesomeness and links nicely as the melancholy hangover song.

‘Sun Is Sunk’ finishes with bell tings accenting strong pop rhythms in “Ring Out.”  Eux Autres is delightfully fun, yet gratifyingly purposeful.

Rating: 4/5