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Australia’s Oliver Tank creates otherworldly atmospheres through combining real instruments and computers in his fittingly titled EP, ‘Dreams’ realeased through Yes Please Records (November 2011).  Oliver Tank recently flew to Iceland to attend the Airwaves Festival after winning FBi’s Northern Lights Competition.  ‘Dreams’ has garnered air time on UK stations BBC1 and BBC6.  Also, the U.S. NPR station featured the EP in their top 5 bandcamp albums of 2011.

With repetitions acting like a slow motion strobe light, the music sets a semiconscious mood, creating the feel of experiencing life frame by frame.  Aptly, the focus single is “Last Night I Heard Everything in Slow Motion” which is beautifully portrayed by electronic glitch pop mixed with the folk Irish sounds of uilleann pipes.

The original ‘Dreams’ is like an underwater waltz.  “Up All Night” asks, “Can you teach me how to dance real slow?”  And “I Love You” has a gentle sway as the lyrics tell of “Whispering in your ear those three words.”

Two songs, “Embrace” and “Grain of Sand” feature artist Fawn Myers, each flowing with gorgeous harmony. “Embrace feels very much like an underwater journey: gradual, floaty, wondrous.  “Grain of Sand” uses repetitions and echoes to present a timeless feel, like ocean waves lapping on the beach.

Rating: 4.5/5


NOTE: The follow up EP released January 2012 is titled, ‘Dreams Remixed.’ The remixes include contributions from Geoffrey O’Connor, Magic Silver White, Sleepyhands, Great Earthquake, FLWRGN, True North, MONAS and Baske. The package is now available from the Yes Please bandcamp as a FREE download.