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Hey Jen, remember the games we used to play?  What ever happened to those days?
If we can stay here long enough
We can play with Bloody Mary
She can chase us through the dark
Activate our nerve endings
We’ll stay…
She said she would kill herself if she had to put up with her parents one more night.  Though I had thought her a dork for most of the past three years I’d known her, I couldn’t deny she was my best friend.  If it was a matter of life and death, then we should bail.  Just walk right past her parents and out the door.  So that’s what we did.
Once we crossed into the darkness we knew we were outside our limits so we ran.  We ran, alive with boldness and uncertainty.  We ran not knowing where to go but knowing we were together.  Who needs them?  They don’t understand us anyway  Who needs anybody?  We need only each other.  Best friends.  That’s enough.
But then we got to the highway.  Which way to go?  We couldn’t go anymore ahead and there was no going back.  No admitting our guilt and asking forgiveness.  Not yet.  We went to Sergeant Pepperoni’s Pizza, a good place to catch our breath, be still awhile.  Stifle the tears and frustration.
She finally called a friend’s mom.  An adult she could trust.  Someone who’d listen to her complaints and tell her mom she was alright.  A person who would take her home safe and sound and drive me back home as well.
I didn’t suspect that would be my last time seeing my best friend, my last time being welcome in her house.  I was ever after the instigator, the troublemaker, the girl who led a daughter to run away from home.  A bad influence.
I made a poor decision based on a friend’s frustration.  I cared too much to leave her alone.  But my tight grip snapped the bond between us.  Split.  Just like that.  Best friends since seventh grade, then gone.  Over and done with.
No more afternoon visits.  No more nightly sleepovers.  No more Friday nights at the movies.  Find another friend, my mom says I can’t talk to you anymore.  It didn’t really matter.  Her parents divorced shortly after and she moved to Arizona, so, whatever.
Everyone in California had either just arrived or was just about to leave.  That’s just the way it is in a place like that.  You gotta adjust.  Don’t take it personal.  Just move on.  You’ll find someone new.  Move on.


“Bloody Mary” is the first single off Silversun Pickups’ ‘Neck of the Woods’ due out May 8th.