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Life’s journey is best when made with someone whom you trust, a person you can learn from and hopefully teach occasionally.  Elika fuses fuzzed-out textures and geometric electronics while forging a pathway through Love, Tragedy, and Defeat.

The Brooklyn duo, Evagelia Maravelias and Brian Wenckenbach, have been recording and releasing music since 2006, the most recent being ‘Snuggle Bunnies.’  Featuring soothing vocals mingled with washes of distant, dreamy synths and guitars, Elika’s March 2012 release (Saint Marie Records) is titled ‘Always the Light.’

“Stay Beside Me” sets a pleading tone as Elika confirms, “You hold my hand; don’t let it go.”  The electronic ambience of “We Had it All” provides a buzz backdrop as Elika sings about “the superficial things that make us forget the problems we all face.”
Eerie synths swell in “Count Your Steps” as the questions arises, “Is there a chance you’ll be left standing?” Anticipation lingers amidst primal beats: “I’ll wait for you, all alone.”
The highlight of the album is the tragic yet danceable track, “No One Gets Lost.”  Its hypnotic male/female vocals mix well wtih alluring industrial beats.  Recalled twists of truth and restated promises surround repeated assurances of “you’re fine.”
Reflective rhythms in “You & Me” conclude that “this is our time” and “this is where our new world begins.”  The song is almost too calculated for the hope and elation portrayed in the lyrics.  The directness works well though when saying, “you’re face is all I need.”

A softness enters through the aching “Trials”, completed by the dreamy ambience of “A Year Alone.”   Elika processes tough emotions with methodical beats, rounding ‘Always the Light’ with transitional glitches and ambience.

Rating: 4.5/5