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Out of Nyack, New York comes a foursome with steady rock beats supporting a hint of New Wave heartache.  Even their name, Regret the Hour, elicits a tinge of melancholy.  Their latest release is ‘The Living Remember,’ a follow-up EP to ‘Another Lonely Year’ which garnered 40,000 YouTube views.  Regret the Hour has been playing NYC venues with members, Nate McCarthy (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Ben McCarthy (lead guitar/vocals), Jesse Yanko (bass/vocals), and Anders Fleming (drums/vocals).

‘The Living Remember’ begins by addressing adjustment.  “Gonna take some getting used to.”  The pop beat gives us hope for what’s ahead, while the guitars lament what’s left behind.  It’s the song for a journey, acknowledging that the change will be hard, but all will surely end okay.

“10-by10” opens with a booming drum beat as the lyrics discuss the darkness of deception and the harm it spreads.  Guitars squeal over the resulting brokenness of spirit.

From there, the music heightens into a panic in “Always on the Run.”  The song’s frantic pacing accurately supports the confusion and fear announced in the lines, “You can run, but you don’t know where you’re going.  What are we doing here?”

Settling into a friendlier tone, Regret the Hour finishes with “Far Away from Here.”  The softer edged rock and raspy vocals here are slightly akin to Lifehouse.  The drums remain ever steady, pushing on even as the guitar goes into a woeful cry, mourning how “We built these dreams we can’t live out.”


Download ‘The Living Remember’ through Soundcloud.

July  1, 11pm
Pianos, NYC