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Ambient and dreamy, White Blush releases its debut single, “Without You.”  Fresh on the scene since only February, White Blush is the collaborative project of Los Angeles recording artist Carol Rhyu, and producer John Ho.  The project has already gained a nomination for LA Deli Magazine’s Artist of the Month Poll.

Set in a dark atmosphere, where one aches so deeply that words require great effort, “Without You” is a lovely if not heartbreaking vocalization of despondency.  Loopy synths emulate time’s stagnation amidst sorrow, as Rhyu sings in a near whisper, “Everyone I love is going away, even you.”  Rhyu is not seeking pity however; she acknowledges her power, admitting, “I could crush you.” But then where would that leave the abandoned soul?  Backed with haunting echoes, a swelling refrain offers the desperate reply, that “there is nowhere without you.”

Attached to this are two b-sides.  First is the solitary atmosphere of “Wait”, recorded in just a few hours with Eric Acosta using a 1981 Casiotone CT-101.  Second is the tinker/drone combo of “808 Myst” inspired by the early 90s graphic adventure video game.

White Blush artistically uses “Without You” to wraps into music a moment of utter shock, whenhe soul is pierced with disbelief – before grief, before anger, before floods of tears.  It is stark, yet hauntingly lovely.