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Her Vanished Grace presents a shoegaze powerpop blend which the group has been perfecting since the early 90s.  Comprised of Nancy Nieland, Charlie Nieland, Maria Theodosiadou, and Billy Loose, this New York based band boasts a dozen releases.  Their latest is a ten track album titled ‘Star-Crossed,’ featuring guest appearances from members of Dead Leaf Echo, Black Sugar Transmission and The Invisible Kid.

Her Vanished Grace opens with the clanking of “Car Crash,” an account of being on the verge of arrival.  Nancy Nieland exudes blissful anticipation, calling, “I’m almost there.”

Drums boom on “Fade Away,” a song presenting itself as much stronger than its title suggests.  The blend of artrock powerpop fills the air as the lyrics lament the current disillusion: “Never thought this could be my fate.”

‘Star Crossed’ melts into delightful dreaminess throughout the middle portion.  Then come the low vocals and techno beats of “Hungry.”  This song provides a nice transition into something more grounded, slightly more dark, yet still otherworldly and a bit haunting.

On that note follows the title track, a shoegaze infused siren call accompanying repetitions of “You’re wrong.”

While maintaining the lightness of dreampop, Her Vanished Grace’s rollicking rhythms keep their songs from floating off into the stratosphere.  Listening to ‘Star-Crossed’ is like watching a nighttime meteor shower, celestial and magnificent.

Rating: 4.5/5