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Alexx Calise asserts that she absolutely is not crazy. This statement comes a year after her hauntingly beautiful Sound of Cancer project release, ‘No Vampires in Gilroy.’ The ‘AC3’ EP, released November 13th was produced entirely at Calise’s Los Angeles home (with the exception of drums) by Alexx Calise and her producer, Wes Michener.

‘AC3’ is five tracks featuring Calise at what she does best: take you from heavy party rock tunes, such as the jumpin’ “Not Crazy” to the deeper, more pensive songs like “Outta Here” which sympathizes with confusion yet emits enough compelling rhythm to get “through the night.”
“Break My” is a catchy, somewhat ‘60s style, retro-rock track. Think Lesley Gore’s “It’s My Party.” Calise will never be bubble gum pop, however. This song is infused with contemporary alt-grunge guitar and edgy vocals sarcastically stating, “I love the way you always break my promises.” The result is a feminized Weezer vibe.
The track truest to Alexx’s essence is arguably the soulful, flippant resonance of “Why.” The song’s prominent blues-rock groove does well to accompany the prevailing question, “Why did you have such a hold on me?”
The mournful “Survive” wraps up the EP with the plea, “Oh, won’t you save my soul?” Alexx proves triumphant in the storm, embracing hope with the vow to “give it one more try.”
Alexx Calise’s ‘AC3’ spans the gamut of emotion, embracing fun yet not avoiding the darker times. Ultimately though, Calise encourages moving beyond the night’s despair into the dawn of a new day.

Rating: 5/5


 ‘AC3’ is available via iTunes, Amazon MP3, and all other major online music retailers, as well as on CD in limited quantities on alexxcalise.net, Amazon, and at live shows! The first 100 copies will be autographed, so make sure to get your copy!

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Saturday, December 1, 9:00 pm
The Park
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