About Resonance

Resonance: Indie Music Vibes.

Resonance reviews music that permeates your being; sounds that make waves throughout your soul, even if they have not yet reached the radio.

Resonance is run by MystiCali, a California native infused with music at an early age.  She lives in a dimension of sight, sound, and mind where few dare to tread.   As a music writer she has contributed over one hundred reviews and interviews to music sites since 2009.

Resonance is primarily geared toward various genres of rock, particularly shoegaze, experimental, or anything with a pop twist.  Some ambient and acoustic may be considered.  I do shy away from music that signals impending explosions and mania, such as metal, screamo, gypsy circus rock, and the like.


Album Reviews: newly released EPs and LPs.  See contact page if you have music you would like to submit.

Interviews: my favorite part of music writing, that I don’t get to do nearly enough of.  Interviews are done mostly with artists involved in multiple projects or who do not yet have a current album released.

Come and See the Show: Concert Reviews.  If you would like to submit your own concert review, tell me in a few paragraphs or more what you experienced.

Well Thought Out Twinkles: Songs you’ll want to hear over and over and over and over again.  This is MystiCali’s personal stream-of-consciousness commentary inspired by the song of the week.

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  1. audiofanaticsociety said:

    Dig your site! Very cool posts

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